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Central vacuum system for the industrial and commercial sectors

To keep your facility clean and hygienic is an important part of the quality of your work environment The industrial and commercial system with multiple cleaning technology is suitable for all facilities.

power and effectiveness

Double suction power and efficient performance.

Special design

An integrated system with customized design for all sectors.

The perfect investment for your facility

One system for multiple uses.

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Features Plan

Smart home system

By simulating artificial intelligence technology enjoy safety and luxury with easy control of the entire home.

Integrated smart control

Injoy a smart home and remote control by automating all of lighting, curtains, air conditioning and others devices by adding multiple scenarios to suit your needs.

by one application

By one application with the press of a button or through voice commands.. you are able to make your home  can control itself.

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Features Plan

CCTV smart system

For the safety and security of you and your family. We provide CCTV smart system, which allows you to monitor your home from anywhere and wherever you are.

full control and security

Indoors and outdoors cameras for wide surveillance.

-High accuracy and storage capacity

High-resolution scenes with direct monitoring mechanism or by scenes storage and retrieval later.

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Features Plan

Solar heater system

An innovative solar heater system that makes you completely dispense with electricity consumption.

Convenience and security

safe system and easy to install and maintain.

lower price

Enjoy an electricity bill = zero riyals

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