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SMART HOMES is a Saudi company offers all smart solutions and systems for buildings. The company has been present in the Saudi market for over 7 years and is accredited by major entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Smart homes have become the first choice in transforming everything traditional into smart and advanced

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We help companies and individuals achieve the best smart building experience

النظام الصوتي الذكي ايقونة

Smart Sound System

Integrated Sound system, uncomplicated setup and powerful sound

ايقونة نظام سمارت هوم

Smart Home system

By integrating AI technologies and our multiple solutions, enjoy a smart home with remote control.

ايقونة نظام المكانس المركزية

Central vacuum system

Brilliant suction system with high performance and effortlessness, the central vacuums ensure the best cleaning solutions

ايقونة نظام السخانات الشمسية  

Solar heater system

Providing hot water throughout the day, saving on electricity. Try solar heaters and notice the difference.

ايقونة نظام الغاز المركزي

Central gas system

A safe system, never running out of available gas, uninterrupted supply, and complete control.

ايقونة نظام كاميرات المراقبة

CCTV system

Complete internal and external surveillance systems, ensuring security with encrypted camera technology incomplete privacy.

Transform your home into a smart home...
Intention is not enough to make a change  
You can live the future!

Smart technology leads you toward the futureThat is why We believe in the future that everyone will convert their electronic devices To intelligent things technology

What makes SMART HOMES different?

You have the right to choose the best...but are we the best?



Around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Memorandum of Understanding

Signed with the largest local real estate development companies approved by the Ministry of Housing


Production lines

Distributed in Asia and Europe


Key area

In the Kingdom, our smart solutions have been installed.

Achievements can only be achieved with a great team that works hard to achieve all the possible and the impossible


Central vacuum units installed


Thousands of smart products installed


Thousands of housing units have been converted into smart units


1,000 linear meters of central gas system extensions

Because the customer first!

We provide customer service and after sales services around the clock